Replacing your Lawn with Artificial Grass

Essex residents have long been a county of proud homeowners, ensuring their home environments are well cared for and presentable. But as well as keeping our homes looking their best inside, our pride and use of our garden spaces has also grown in importance over the last few years within our region.

In most gardens, the majority of the area is taken up with a lawn and another trend that’s grown in popularity in recent years, is Essex residents replacing their garden lawns with artificial grass. Now astroturf is nothing new, but the rise in both quality and affordability in recent years has certainly helped this trend build. As Essex internal and external floor suppliers here at Ramsden Mills, we have definitely seen our sales of artificial grass in both our Colchester and Witham shops grow rapidly. Therefore, as experienced suppliers of new artificial lawns, we thought we would share our knowledge for those looking to replace their natural turf with artificial, for summer 2023.

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Why has there been a big increase in laying Artificial lawns in gardens?

As we’ve mentioned, the price and availability of artificial grass is definitely a factor, but there are also more considerations at play. In comparison to real grass there is very little maintenance involved. In fact, many who have chosen to go down this route, cite never having to mow their lawn again as one of the biggest reasons they have it. As well as not needing to cut it, you don’t need to feed the lawn or deal with the elements and weather having such an impact on how your grass will look. Plus, artificial grass is far more robust when it comes to taking the impact of being used regularly, especially if there are children playing and pets prone to digging in a garden. Having an artificial lawn simply eradicates these problems.

Another reason more and people are turning to faux lawns is how easy they are to buy and lay. In most spaces it’s a pretty straightforward job that either yourself, an experienced landscaper or tradesperson can undertake for you. It also doesn’t take long and in our modern world of instant gratification, it certainly beats waiting for grass seed to grow.

Where to buy artificial grass in Colchester and Witham?

Ramsden Mills is one of the leading Essex suppliers of artificial grass to the Colchester and Witham areas. We stock three qualities of grass: Betap Parq Imperial (pile height 30mm) Classis Hana (pile height 35mm) and Classis Balm (pile height 40 mm.)