Our Terms & Conditions

1. GUARANTEED CARPETS. These carpets have been designed to give satisfactory service. If, however, through any proven defect in manufacture or materials the carpet fails to give satisfaction in normal use, the manufacturers will subject to their Terms of Trading, make it good or replace it free of charge with carpet of similar value (allowing for use) chosen by the customer from the current range. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights, and covers up to five years.

2. SUITABILITY OF USE. Light Domestic – Suitable for Bedrooms only. Medium Domestic – Suitable for Bedrooms only.General Domestic – Suitable for Suitable for Whole House, except Stairs. Heavy Domestic – Suitable for Whole House. Contract Quality – Ask at Showroom.

3. COLOUR AND TOLERANCE. The company agrees to make every effort to match varying lots in the Goods to as near as possible, but an exact colour match cannot be guaranteed. In addition, as all pile carpets (the “Goods”) are liable to shading and pile pressure which is outside the control of the Company, the Company cannot accept responsibility.In terms of tolerance of the Goods, slight variations by the Company cannot be avoided, but the Company warrants that tolerance should be within BS 3655, i.e. 1.25% either way.

4. PILE PRESSURE. All pile carpets, especially plain grounds, are liable to shading, that is to show light and dark patches arising from unequal crushing of the surface. Light and delicate carpets are liable to become soiled in wear, and so apparently to lose colour. No care on the part of the manufacturers can obviate these tendencies which are inherent in all pile fabrics, nor can we accept any responsibility in connection with same.

5. CANCELLATIONS. Cancellations cannot be accepted for stock orders after goods have been cut or despatched, or for contract or special orders if manufacturing processes have begun. No complaint which arises from improper installation can be considered.We can hold your flooring in our stock room for a maximum of six months, after which time you must accept delivery within 2 weeks. Credit notes are acceptable up to 12 months only.

6. GUARDSMAN & STAIN-FREE STYLE CARPET. Guarantees are as stated on their warranties and are not the liability of Ramsden Mills.

7. FITTING. As a Company, we do not provide a Fitting Service, but can recommend Independent Carpet Fitters.

8. HEALTH & SAFETY/ E.E.C. LEGISLATION. We cannot be responsible for the moving of Furniture, Gas/Electrical/Telephone Appliances, etc..and are unable to uplift or dispose of old carpets.

9. These Terms and Conditions will not affect your statutory rights.


1. We appreciate time is a precious thing but we are unable to give times other than am & pm due to the nature of the work and distances involved. On the actual day of fitting, the fitter’s day is planned to the best of our ability according to the areas, hence you might have a different fitter or time than originally appointed on your fitter’s sheet.

2. Please can you ensure that all the rooms are clear and ready for the fitter’s arrival with all the old flooring removed.

3. If you require them to remove any furniture and uplift your existing carpet, please contact your appointed fitter direct. All numbers are supplied on their fitting sheet. There will be a charge for this service.

4. Fitting charges are based on one room only, any additional waste used for other rooms will incur a surcharge.

5. All waste is the responsibility of the customer to dispose of.

6. Kitchens: If the flooring is to go underneath all appliances, please ensure these are removed prior to fitting. These items should be removed by a qualified person, i.e. gas cookers should be removed by someone who is Gas Safe registered.   Bathrooms: For Laminated or Click Vinyls, the sanitary-ware must be removed prior to fitting.

7. All vinyl needs to be laid on a smooth surface as any imperfections will show. If you require the floor to be hard-boarded or screed applied, a prior arrangement will need to be made with the appointed fitter. There will be a charge for this service. All Cushionfloor requires adhesive stuck all over.

8. Any information given about your under-floor piping would be a great help to the fitters as they cannot be held responsible for any damage caused. Where needed, the grippers can be glued.

9. Please note that deep pile carpets and underlay may involve you removing your doors first. If you require the fitter to remove them there will be a surcharge of £10.00 per door. 

10. Stair surcharge is £50.00.

11. Gripper, door bars, joins, etc.. are payable to the appointed fitter.

12. Felt backs can be fitted on gripper with underlay.

13All cancellations need to bemade 48 hours prior to the fitting date, any cancellations made less than this will be liable to being charged in full twice by the fitter.

14. All fitters are independent and responsible for all work on site.